2019 US Sailing Team Squad

2018 US Sailing Team

2017 1st team All-Neisa

2017 BU club sports male competitive excellence award

2016 2nd team All-neisa

2013-14 US Sailing Development Team

2012 Bradenton Yacht Club Sailor of the Year


Regatta Database

Olympic Nacra 17

Skipper in all regattas.


European Championship: 31st

Sailing World Cup | Genoa: 9th

50th Trofeo S.A.R Princesa Sofia: 32nd

Sailing World Cup | Miami: 12th (post injury)


World Championship: 38th

European Championship: 21st

Sailing World Cup | Miami: 9th (1st American)



Skipper in all regattas.


Has experience in skipper and crew positions in the F16, F18, Nacra 17, M32, GC32 and foiling Carbon Nacra 20 FCS.


New York Yacht Club Race Week (M32): 2nd

Tradewinds Regatta/F18 Midwinter National Championship (F18): 1st


Alter Cup/Buzzards Bay Regatta (F18): 2nd

Hyannis Yacht Club Regatta (F18): 2nd

Newport Regatta (F18): 2nd

Statue Race (F18): 2nd

Wickford Regatta (F18): 1st

Madison Regatta (F18): 1st

Tradewinds Regatta/F18 Midwinter National Championship (F18): 1st


11th Annual American Yacht Club High Performance Dinghy Open (F18): 5th

ISAF Youth World Championship (SL16): 4th

F16 World Championship (F16): 2nd (1st American, 1st youth team)

Charlotte Harbor Regatta (F18): 1st

F16 North American Championship/2nd Youth Worlds Qualifier: 1st


Zhik F18 Americas Championship (F18): 4th overall, 3rd American, 2nd youth (56 boats)

Buzzelli Multihull Rendezvous (F18): 1st

ISAF Youth Worlds Qualifiers (F16): 1st

Sailfest Regatta (F16): 1st

ISAF Youth World Championship (SL16): 8th

US F16 National Championship (F16): 1st

US Youth Sailing Championship/Youth Multihull Championship (F16):1st


Charlotte Harbor Regatta (F18): 4th

Spring Fever/Southern Area Formula 18 Championship (F18): 3rd

Sailfest Regatta (F18): 1st

Buzzelli Multihull Rendezvous (F16): 1st

US F16 National Championship (F16): 6th

Davis Island Thanksgiving Regatta (F18): 3rd


Sailfest Regatta (F18): 5th

US Youth Multihull Championship (F16): 4th



Skipper in all regattas.

Spring 2018

 82nd Boston Dinghy Challenge Cup (A Divison): 4th

Fall 2017

Atlantic Coast Champs (A Divison): 3rd

Captain Hurst Bowl (A Divison): 5th

Harry Anderson Trophy (A Divison): 3rd

Spring 2017

Coast Guard Alumni Bowl/NE Champs (A Division): 4th

Thompson Trophy (A Divison): 6th

Ike Geiger Team Race: 1st

Charleston Spring Coed (A Divison): 2nd

Fall 2016

75th Erwin Schell Trophy/Fall NE Champs (A Divison): 4th

Sherman Hoyt Trophy (A Divison): 2nd

Moody Tropy (A Divison): 1st

34th Stedman Hood Trophy (A Divison): 3rd

Hatch Brown Trophy (A Divison): 4th

Harry Anderson Jr Trophy (A Divison): 5th

Spring 2016

ICSA Co-ed Nationals Finals (A Division): 15th

ICSA Co-ed Nationals Semifinals (A Division): 11th

Coast Guard Alumni Bowl/NE Champs (A Division): 3rd

81st Boston Dinghy Challenge Cup (A Division): 6th

Thompson Trophy (B Division): 6th

Fall 2015

Coed Atlantic Coast Championship (B Division): 12th

RI States, 4th Sister Esther Annual (B Division, races 1-6): 1st

74th Erwin Schell Trophy/Fall NE Champs (B Division): 3rd, 1st team overall

Oberg Trophy (A Division): 5th

Captain Hurst Bowl (A Division): 8th

Moody Trophy (B Division): 1st

Danmark Trophy (B Division): 5th

Chris Loder Trophy (A Division): 1st

Harry Anderson (B Division): 2nd

Spring 2015

Coast Guard Alumni Bowl/NE Champs (B Division, races 5-8): 12th

80th Boston Dinghy Cup (C Division): 6th

Navy Spring (A Division): 15th

Mystic Lake Team Race: 9th

Barque Eagle Team Race: 6th

NEISA Sportboat Invite #1 (J-70) 2nd

Charleston Coed (B Division): 5th

Fall 2014

RI States, 3rd Sister Esther Annual (B Division): 2nd

Nickerson Trophy (A Division): 7th

76th Annual Oberg Trophy (C Division, races 13-17): 2nd

Great Herring Pond Open (B Division): 1st

Hewitt Trophy (C Division): 5th

Lake Champlain Open (A Division): 8th

Pen Bay Open (A Division): 7th




Has experience in skipper and crew positions. Skipper in all regattas.


Manatee River Race: 3rd (1st J24, PHRF based mixed fleets, pursuit race)

District 10 Championship: 10th

Bradenton Kickoff Regatta: 1st


Club 420

Skipper in all regattas.


Junior Olympic Sailing Festival: 5th


High School 420s and FJs (SAISA)


Has attended several South Points regattas representing Saint Stephens Episcopal School and Southeast High School, sailing in both A and B fleets, as skipper.

Attended the 2010 SAISA Great Oaks Qualifier-Southeast High School


Laser Radial


Labor Day Regatta: 6th


District 13 Championship: 2nd


Gulf Coast Championship: 14th

North American Championship: 12th of 140 boats

District 13 Championship: 1st


SAISA Cressy High School Championship Qualifier: 8th

Naples Cup: 4th

District 13 Championship: 4th


Laser 4.7


Valentine's Day Regatta: 2nd

Laser Midwinter Championship: 3rd (1st American)

Gulf Coast Championship: 2nd (1st American)

North American Championship: 8th


Sarasota Yacht Club Invitational Regatta: 2nd

District 13 Championship: 1st

Orange Bowl: 10th


Optimist Dinghy


Member of US National Team

Member of US Development Team

Attended IODA South American Championship

Attended USODA Team Trial Qualifiers

Attended IODA British National Championship


Attended USODA Team Trial Qualifiers