A look back at the US Youth Multihull Championship

Here's an article written after the event:

 This past weekend three teams from the Sarasota Youth Sailing Race Team traveled across the country to compete in the US Youth Multihull Championship, myself included. This event was one of the most competitive events we had ever been to and it could not have turned out any better. After being introduced to catamarans in December, our teams began training for countless hours with numerous experienced coaches, including Bryan Paine, Jim Zelmer, John Casey, and Dalton Tebo, and ended up sailing A fleet in all 5 races that were held, placing 4th overall. 

The venue was very well organized and the weather cooperated every day of the event, beginning with a light morning wind with some clouds and ending with a strong sea breeze when the sun began to shine. I learned many different lessons at this event, from how to keep myself organized onshore to how to handle certain situations on the water. Mostly, I learned how important it was to have fun, keep a good and focused attitude, learn from your mistakes, and to work hard even if things aren’t going the way you would like. 

This gained knowledge will help me progress as a competitive sailor and as a person in general. Our growing Sarasota Youth Sailing team is working towards adding multihulls into the program by introducing younger kids to the boats that we have been allowed to use by generous members of our program and by involving more of the experienced sailors in some of the racing. This event was our sailing team’s first major multihull regatta and was the first stepping stone on the path towards a future of competitive catamaran sailing.