BYC Beginnings

Looking back now, I have gone a long way since my first summer sailing! I've gone from working my way across the Manatee River in a pram to racing around the country in high-performance catamarans. And to think it all started in one of those floating "bathtubs". It all began during a summer camp at the Manatee River Pram Fleet. At age 8 Lisa Fath introduced me to singlehanding and ever since then, even though I do the majority of my training in Sarasota, I have been sailing as much as I can up at my home yacht club, the Bradenton Yacht Club. I've learned a lot by sailing here, from keelboat skills (Thursday night/Sunday afternoon racing series) to river tactics. I have been very fortunate to have sailed with Dr. John Marcin as well. His extensive sailing experience, including racing as an Olympic Finn alternate, has taught me a lot of what I know now and helped me achieve the BYC Sailor Of The Year award (which was a surprise to me!) and it all started at the BYC!