Spring Fever

Aka the Southern Area Formula 18 Championship. What a way to spend my birthday weekend! Conditions were extremely shifty and at times very unpredictable, but I learned a lot on Lake Harwell, GA. Being our second F18 regatta together, this was a good event for Erick and I to sail as we had good competition from other teams. We won the first race of the event but had some deeper finishes the next two races which hurt us the rest of the regatta. I got a treat of no wind and a bright and shining sun on my birthday and day two of the regatta, Saturday. That day was spent daydreaming of future sailing plans and of brainstorming some interesting rigging designs with our teammates while on the water waiting for the wind to fill in (which it never did). We pulled ourselves together on the last day of the regatta and got top 3 finishes for the rest of the event and ended up in 3rd place overall, a few points behind our own coach Jim Zellmer who teamed up with Jason D'Agostino for the weekend. Now that I'm back home and finally 16 I'm looking forward to returning to training on and off the water in preparation for our next event, the local Sarasota Sailfest. And I'll be getting my license Thurdsay!