Hyannis Arrival and Day 1

We arrived in Hyannis yesterday and unloaded the boats as soon as we could (unfortunately they wouldn't let us into the park until 4, preventing us from practicing a day early). We ended up getting the boat tuned back to the settings we liked and messed around with rudder rake slightly. After getting a good night's sleep we prepared for our first day of racing. Overall the day went pretty well with drastic improvements as the day went on. The first race began with a poor start but we eventually climbed back up in the fleet to 12th place. We quickly learned from our mistakes though and had an excellent start the second race, winding up in 5th at the finish. Today's racing in medium breeze ranging from 5-15 knots and some choppy waves really pointed out our strengths and weaknesses. Our good boatspeed helped us maintain our position in the fleet but we are lacking in wave practice and big fleet starting. After some discussion on the water we determined our short term goal for the event was to be more aggressive on the starting line and come off in the first row. Tomorrow is an earlier day with an 11:00 start. Day 2 here we go!

Check out the results here!