Winter in Florida

On Christmas here in Florida you can typically count on these two things: wearing flip flops and battling snowbird traffic. Even though it's "winter" time it's still sunny as ever and the chilly 50 degrees wind doesn't prevent that shorts and flip flops style attire! Now that school is finally on break for the holidays, I'm sailing as much as I can. I'm sailing multihulls practically every day in order to practice for the ISAF Youth Worlds Qualifiers and also throwing in some J22 sailing in there since I'm planning on sailing the Midwinter Championship in February. Practices now require loading up on gear and occasionally wearing a full body wet suit, but I'm still focusing on the finer details, particularly the stuff I worked on at the Red Gear Racing clinic I attended last weekend. Sarasota Youth Sailing had its annual Christmas party tonight were we all got together, ate food, and had our gift exchange which brought out lots of laughs. This break I'm also heading up to New England to visit some higher education schools, with Brown, MIT, Boston University, and Northeastern University acting as a few of our stops. This holiday break should be very refreshing and productive!