School and Sports

Over the past few weeks I took both the SAT and ACT. My scores on these two tests will help gain my acceptance later on into my schools of choice. The difficulty of these tests made me realize that it is a challenging world out there in both academics and a future career. Sure, it would be great to sail professionally but only a very small portion of the entire youth sailing community progresses to competing at that level. I am realizing that it is important to strive in school and progress into an enjoyable career in the future, all the while sailing as much as possible. I am becoming more and more interested in the fields of materials, aeronautical, and mechanical engineering because they involve properties and concepts that can be directly applied to sailing and other water sports. I would like to keep my passion for sailing directly involved with my profession, and engineering appears to be that outlet. But it all starts with good grades and test scores! I'm currently focusing primarily on my academics at the moment but am still refining smaller skills on the water and am maintaining my fitness in the gym.