Spring Break!

Ahhh, a much-needed change from the tedious routine of school has finally arrived. And what better way to spend it than sailing in one of the country's best venues? It's over a week into March and while the northern states are enduring snow and cold weather us Floridians are still able to spend time at the beach and walk around in shorts and flip flops. While the tourists who plague our streets are heading to the beaches and shops, I am driving down to the Sarasota Sailing Squadron to continue practicing and enjoying time out on the water. This time off from school allows me to catch up on some maintenance work and implement new setups on the boat that I wouldn't have the time to try out during the regular school schedule. This week is going to be very productive! I also got the chance to visit my teammate Sam at his father's shop where he is finishing up his new A-Class catamaran build. He and another teammate both built their own boats and regularly update their blog with news of their endeavors. The beauty of multihull sailing in Sarasota is that we are able to compete with a wide variety of different designs in many different classes. We have Falcon F16s and F18s, APHC boats, a Hobie Wildcat, Nacra F18s, and now A-Class catamarans all in the same venue on a daily basis! Come out and join us when you can!

Nacra Infusion MK2
Falcon F18

AHPC Viper
Falcon F16