Sarasota Sailfest

This past weekend I competed in the 2013 Sarasota Sailfest at my home club, the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. We had a large turnout of competitors with well over a hundred youth sailors from all parts of the state; we had almost 20 multihulls this year! On both days of the regatta we were greeted by a strong morning breeze from the East in the morning which died off in the afternoon as the sea breeze began to form. The wind became so light and scarce on the last day that even us catamarans, which can move pretty swiftly in even the lightest of wind, couldn't finish the final race within the hour and a half time limit! The Sarasota sailing teams made a strong presence on the scoreboard with teams taking first and second in the A-Class, third in the F18 class, and first and second in the F16 class.; I took first in the F16 class after 9 long races. Overall this weekend was an excellent learning experience as I sailed with a new crew; since he was also usually a skipper, I learned from his different sailing technique and knowledge. Working with different sailors has helped me develop my skills across the board and will continue to help me in the future!