These past few weeks have been extremely busy due to testing in school. As I am enrolled in classes that provide both IB and AP credits, I take both of these types of tests every year for certain subjects. This year I only tested for a total of five school days. Only five! I took exams in IB Physics over the course of two days in addition to the one day exams of AP Calculus, AP Language and Composition, and AP Physics. Despite the amount of challenging material on these tests, I feel as though I worked hard in preparation and will be thoroughly pleased when AP scores are released mid-summer. Hard work always pays off! Now that my early exams are over I am spending the remainder of the school year preparing for SAT Subject Tests and my finals, which are only a few weeks away. Once I finish taking those tests I'll be free to enjoy summer! Well, of course I'll be getting my wisdom teeth pulled out the first week of the break and I also have to draft my extended essay, but above all I will enjoy sailing more often and spending much needed time with friends and family. The school year is almost over and a busy and exciting summer is right around the corner!