It's the best time of the year: the end of a long school session and the beginning of three whole months of fun and excitement! I now have the free time to be with friends, sail more often, and do other fun activities that I did not have the time during the year to enjoy. Of course, this break from school isn't going to consist of only fun and games. In the morning of my first day of summer I took the ACT for the second time; four long hours of testing really take a toll on the teenage mind! Also, I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow morning so I will be spending the next week lounging around the house and hopefully getting ahead on some summer homework. My only school assignment for this summer is to complete my Extended Essay, a project that I am going to finish early into the break rather than in the last week. What I am most excited about this summer are the several events in which I will be competing. I am looking forward to traveling with my family and teammates, experiencing new venues and locations, meeting new sailors, and competing against others from around the country. The different regattas that I will be attending this summer will provide several opportunities for my teammates and I to butt heads against some of the best sailors from all parts of the country. This summer is going to be full of travel, leisure, family, fun, and most importantly memories that cannot be replaced; I am very thankful for having the opportunity to make these memories!