Cyclic Load Machine for Gillette

Our group was tasked by a Gillette representative to create a cyclic load machine that would test thin pieces of metal. We compartmentalized our jobs and interviewed our representative on their desired specifications for this machine. Then, we created designs and built a final prototype in BU's EPIC workshop. This machine was capably of providing regular, repeated loads as well as measure the deflection of the test piece and compute the force applied by the load.


  • Work on a multidisciplinary team.
  • Meet the expectations and specifications of a customer.
  • Compartmentalize team jobs based on individual engineering strengths.
  • Formally present final prototype to customer and class.
  • Combine electrical circuitry, motors, Arduino programming, and sensors into one physical system.

Full Report

Motor and rotating piston.

Full load machine.

Bend sensor used on test piece.

Switch used to count number of load impacts/cycles.